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Impress Your Customers with Live, Customized Backgrounds / Wallpapers / Videos.

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about this service

Live Background Generator You've Never Seen Before

Have you ever seen live backgrounds in some amazing landing pages? Proper animation always impresses your users while it's not always easy to make, even if you have sophisticated tools like Adobe After Effect or Blender. provides 20 carefully crafted animated backgrounds in PNG and WebM format for both static wallpaper and motion graphics to fully power your projects with stunning, aesthetic backgrounds.

Our main features:

We wil also release API for our animation once ready. Just Stay tune!

Technical Consideration

We use WebGL to optimize rendering, a widely adopted technology in nowaday browsers. However, some old browsers don't support WebGL such as older version (<=10) of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Performance may also vary across browsers due to their different implementation or their running environment.

WebM Video Format

For now we only support WebM generation with Google Chrome, but you can still convert WebM to mp4 using other tools. We will support more formats (like MP4 or GIF) and browsers for video generation in the future.

Playback Compatibility

WebM Playback is currently supported by browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and partially supported in Microsoft Edge. Unfortunately Safari doesn't support it.


tl;dr - free for both personal and commercial use. for now is a "proof of concept", thus all generated images / videos are free for both personal or commercial use. This is subject to change in the future, but you keep the right if you download them before we change the rule.

We also plan to open the source used to generate these images; it's expected to be dual license then - We will make it more clearer once we are ready for it.


Making animation is always fun and there are so much possibilities to explore, however there are also lots of technologies to learn. This site is built with WebGL and GLSL language, and is greatly inspired by this online book "The Book of Shaders", you should check it out if you'd like to also do things with Shaders.

Except rasterized images, sometimes we still need vector-based ones. One of our product "" is a good start for that - it ships customizable icons animated with CSS Animation/SMIL in formats like GIF, APNG or SVG. It also provides animated background tile generation "Loading Pattern", which is in vector format, too.


We want to build this service to its best, but there are always bugs or glitches. Feel free to contact us by leaving your words in the Disqus widget below! We always appreciate your feedback and support, by which we could make this service better together.

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we are constantly building better tools for the web, often with open-sourced libraries for anyone to use. Our portfolio includes animation service "", text styling service "", and data visualization service "". Want to get noticed when we release our next service? Just subscribe our newsletter! :)

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any background you need but we don't have? welcome to suggest below!